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  We're Building a 

 Liquid Rocket made 

 from Beer Kegs 


KegRocket Concept 2-2.jpg
BlueBR Farback.JPG



Amateur rocketeers have a long standing tradition of blasting unconventional objects into the sky for sport and for bragging rights.

Our Kegs will spectacularly propel themselves thousands of feet into the air and/or or be destroyed in blaze of glory. Either outcome is acceptable.

It's fun. It's kickass. It's a liquid rocket made of beer kegs. IYKYK.


KegRocket is real engineering challenge. 

Just like the real space-launch rockets, KegRocket runs on an explosive cocktail of liquid propellants.


Propellants stored in the Kegs will power the engine, making KegRocket the first liquid rocket to use Beer Kegs to power it's flight.


Airframe Farback.JPG

Tech Specs

Fuel:                       Ethanol (of course!)

Oxidizer:                Liquid Oxygen (LOX)

Max Thrust:            1,000 lbf (4.4 kN)

Burn Time:             11 s

Length:                   15 ft (4.6 m)

Diameter:               11 in (23 cm)

Target Altitude:      ~18,000 ft (5.5 km) 

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