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Frequently Asked Questions

We love getting questions about our project, but here's some of our most frequently asked questions all rounded up in once place.

Dont see your question? Feel free to reach out on social media or shoot us an email.

How high will KegRocket fly?

KegRocket has no set altitude goal. In fact, we're happy if it even gets off the launch rail under it's own power. However, our simulations indicate KegRocket should reach approximately 18,000ft AGL under perfect flight conditions.

Should I try this at home?

No. For safety reasons we do not advise you to replicate our project.

Team KegRocket are engineering professionals and have experience handling the special hazards involved with liquid rocketry. 

Can I come to the launch?

We appreciate the interest! However, only certain contributors and supporters can be invited to the launch. We manage our invite list to ensure the safety of spectators and launch crew.


Rest assured the launch will be well captured for your enjoyment!

Is this the first beer keg rocket?

No, actually! That honor probably goes to Team Numb who is believed to have launched the original solid fuel beer keg rocket in 2008. 

Our project is the first liquid fueled rocket (that we know of) to use beer kegs as fuel tanks.

Also check out Charlie Garcia who has a test stand made of beer keg tanks.

Where and when is the launch?

We plan to launch out of the Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR) site in California's Mojave desert. We hope to launch in mid-2025. KegRocket is an un-paid passion project, so timelines are heavily dependent on available time and funds.

Can I join the team?

The best way for most people to help the project is to donate or purchase merch. This is extremely valuable support!

That said, we may offer crowdsourced participation opportunities in the future, so keep an eye out.

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